Vankova & Partners Real and Intellectual Property ® is a company, registered in Bulgaria under unique identification code 201027597 and offering legal and accounting services, mainly in the spheres of real estates and intellectual property.

Our strongest advantage is the team – a combination of young and enthusiastic people, seeking guidelines from experienced professionals when necessary. We are dynamic, modern, striving for success and prosperity of the company. Dedicated extremely to the interests of our clients, we aim at providing top of the range services. Our philosophy is responsibility, professionalism, innovation.

Once you appoint our company, be confident that we will take on your case immediately and will serve you according to your needs. You do not even have to be present in Bulgaria: we will draw up and email you a Power of Attorney with instructions how to process it in order to authorize us to perform the required procedure on your behalf.

Furthermore, we have established partnerships with law offices in other countries, so if you would like to develop your business in the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, we will recommend you our partners.

Vankova & Partners Real and Intellectual Property Ltd is in an excellent position to offer you one of the most advanced and promising services in Bulgaria. Our best reward would be our efforts to result into the clients’ confidence in the company.

We look forward to working with you!

Please, note our new office address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1606, 53-55 Totleben Blvd., 2nd floor, office 212 – Business Center Sofia City West.

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