How to Prepare a Board Presentation

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A board presentation is one of the most important things that a leadership team can do. It’s an opportunity for the management team to discuss their goals as well as its priorities and performance with the board so that it can determine how well they’re doing and whether they’re on track. The board also gets an idea of where the business is within its field and how it compares to its competitors.

A well-designed board presentation includes composed of high-level information (such as income, balance or cash flow statements) and other visual representations. These include charts that provide context by linking them to specific time periods, company goals and the performance of competitors, as well with examples of assets to illustrate specific strategies (such as a screenshot of a brand-new site or social media advertisement).

A successful board presentation includes using language that board members understand and use. This means using familiar metaphors for driving and growing an organization, instead of the more technical terms that confuse or overwhelm. It is also essential to stay clear of jargon, and include an extensive glossary.

The board will also want to know how your strategy will affect the bottom line, and what’s needed for that. It is helpful to speak to the person inviting your presentation prior to the meeting, or at least have a brief phone chat to gain an understanding of the main points.

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