Inspiring Teaching Books

Whether you’re a new teacher seeking inspiration or an experienced educator looking to recharge your classroom, these books will assist you in finding your passion. These inspiring teaching books provide research-based insights and practical classroom strategies that will help you to ignite your creativity, compassion, and connection with your students.

This bestselling book is focused on the power of teachers to change lives. Fifth-grade teacher Rafe Esquith challenges entrenched ideas about the barriers to education and enthuses readers with his stories of students who did well in Shakespeare and algebra.

The authors of this text explore ways that teachers can employ programs that promote mindfulness to help students overcome anxiety, trauma and anxiety. The authors show how to create a safe and secure learning environment that can help students achieve success.

This book emphasizes the importance of taking into consideration students’ voice and providing the flexibility of a differentiated, flexible program that caters to all learners. The authors provide suggestions on how to inspire students to become advocates and leaders for themselves in the classroom and beyond.

This book is an enthralling one that stresses the importance of teaching students to be courageous. The author, a former teacher, tells her own tale of courage and teaches readers about the many different kinds of courage needed to thrive in life from having the courage to be yourself, to standing up for other people.

This collection of stories, put together by editor Joseph Underwood, answers two crucial questions. Each contributor reflects upon their memorable breakthrough moments, and the lessons they’ve learned throughout the process. They inspire readers without being condescending.

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