Legal Rap: From Court Cases to Futties Cup Squad Requirements

Yo, listen up, let’s talk about legal care in Australia, they got that legal support, they never fail ya.

When you’re writing papers, remember the rules, court cases in MLA are italicized, don’t let them escape, okay?

Now let’s switch it up and head up north, shoplifting in Canada ain’t no play, you’ll be heading to court.

If you’re a BYU bro looking for a place, men’s housing contracts got you covered, it’s your saving grace.

Down in Santa Clara, they’re giving out aid, legal assistance for those who need it, don’t be afraid.

In Alberta, construction is the game, construction contracts got rules, it’s not the same.

Are you old enough to leave the nest? Legal age to move out without consent, take the test.

And if you’re into soccer, playing the game, Futties Cup squad requirements got you, it’s all in the name.

Businesses need agreements, it’s no joke, LLC or partnership, gotta make sure you’re not broke.

One last thing before we’re through, Georgia’s window tint laws you gotta follow through.

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