The Convenience of Contactless Payments

If you’ve been shopping recently, you might have seen a brand new method to pay. Instead of the traditional swipe or insert, customers just tap on their credit card or a payment-enabled mobile device, such as a smartphone, wearable or smartwatch to complete the transaction. It’s referred to as contactless payments and is the most popular method of payment used in the world.

Contactless payments use a technology known as Near-Field-Communication, or NFC. It is a radio wave transmitter inside the card or device, that communicates with card readers. Radio signals can be picked up within 4 centimeters or approximately 1.5 inches, of the reader, which makes it possible to conduct a secure and quick transaction.

Contactless payment options are popular with consumers across the globe due to their convenience. It’s easy to see why contactless cards are so popular, especially with the rapid increase in digital wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Contactless transactions are now easier to process for merchants than before. They eliminate the requirement for a swipe, PIN or signature. This can reduce wait times and enhances the overall experience for customers at your business.

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