The Role of Corporate Software

The role of corporate software is as varied as the applications that it is used for. Software has altered how businesses look at potential growth, innovation, and growth. It has also revolutionized the workplace. The days are gone where teams had to be in the exact same office or in the same country to ensure effective communication. Today, businesses can perform complex processes with rapid speed and access data analytics from any location.

Rosenthal established Corporate Software at the age of 34 years old when he founded Corporate Software. It was an IBM compatible software distributor that specialized large-scale enterprise systems. Using his ebullient showman personality as a marketing tool, Corporate Software quickly became one of the largest value-added resellers within the industry. The company charged 5-10 percent more than discounters aiming at information center managers who purchased equipment and services.

In its first year of operation, Corporate Software had 350 software programs in stock. The sales staff of the company provided pre-sales consultation and demonstration disks. They also provided technical assistance as well as system integration and installation services, as well as training. The company set up a bid desk to manage large orders that are price-sensitive nature.

Today, software for corporate use can perform a variety of tasks, ranging from customer relations management to project management. Automating these tasks reduces human error, which frees up employees to focus on more strategic and creative tasks. In addition the software can analyze data and provide insights and suggestions for improving customer service and business operations.

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