Pro Bono

Pro Bono Publico (usually shortened to Pro Bono) is a Latin phrase, meaning for the public good. The term is used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. It is common in the legal profession and is increasingly seen in marketing, technology and all kinds of consulting companies. Pro Bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to people who are unable to afford them.
The lawyers in the USA are obliged by the American Bar Association to contribute at least fifty hours of Pro Bono service per year. Many UK law firms and law schools celebrate an annual Pro Bono Week, which encourages lawyers to offer Pro Bono services and increases the currency of this initiative.

Vankova & Partners Real and Intellectual Property Ltd will follow the Pro Bono pattern and will provide a service to one client in every six months for free. If you would like to be this client, please, contact us.

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