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What you benefit when you register a company in Bulgaria: 1/ You save from taxes as we have a flat 10% corporation tax and 5 % dividend tax. 2/ You save from expenses for salaries as the average salary in Bulgaria is EUR 332 per month. 3/ You save from social-security contributions as the minimal amount to pay for an employee is EUR 62 per month. 4/ You save from office rent as the average rent for a small office in Sofia is EUR 250 per month. 5/ You save from book-keeping services as these cost around EUR 70 per month. 6/ You have all the advantages of setting up an off-shore company. 7/ You can benefit in a number of ways from the fact that Bulgaria is a member of the EU. Start your business in Bulgaria and increase your revenue! Our Bulgarian company formation fee is EUR 230 inclusive of the state fee.

Decreasing of Company Capital

If you decrease the capital of your Bulgarian limited liability company to the amount of
2 BGN, your company would be responsible to the creditors within the limits of 2 BGN,
together with the company’s property. Moreover, if the company goes into liquidation, the
shareholders would be responsible with their personal property within the limits of the capital, i. e. 2 leva. With State Gazette № 82 from 16.10.2009 the Bulgarian Commercial Law was changed in a way that the needed to register a Bulgarian limited liability company, became in the amount of 2 BGN. The Government took this change in order to allow people to start business even with a very small amount of initial funds. Those, who have already established companies with capital of 5 000 BGN or more, are able to decrease it to the limits of 2 BGN (art. 149 of the Commercial Law allows this). Our company performs the service „Decreasing of Company Capital” for a fee of € 375 (the fee of the Registry Agency is included).

Re-registration of a Bulgarian Company

Please follow this link for information on company re-registration in Bulgaria

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