Real Estate Rates

1/ Representation at Property Acquisitions/ Sales EUR 585 (including 2 travellings)

2/ Representation at а Property Acquisition + Incorporation of a Company + Registration under the Law of VAT EUR 1,165 (including 2 travellings regarding the Notary transfer of ownership upon the property, the fee of the Registry Agency for company formation and the bank fees for opening a company bank account)

3/ Representation at Property Acquisitions/ Sales with Mortgage EUR 635 (including 2 travellings)

4/ Representation at Property Acquisitions/ Sales for Properties with Price EUR 5,000 or Less EUR 385 (including 2 travellings)

5/ Representation at Acquisition of Ideal Parts of Ownership Rights upon Land Plots EUR 265 (including 2 travellings)

6/ Submission of Notary Notifications EUR 255 (the Notary fee is included)

7/ Legal Advice on Contracts EUR 205

8/ Preparation of Contracts or Annexes to Contracts EUR 265

9/ Check up of Properties EUR 105 (the fee of the Property Register is included)

10/ BULSTAT Registrations EUR 290 (1 travelling and the fee of the BULSTAT Register are included)

11/ Due Diligence EUR 345 (including 1 travelling)

12/ Document Legislation EUR 92 per document (including the Apostille fee and the fee for official translation)

13/ Snagging of Properties EUR 285 (including 1 travelling)

14/ Valuation of Properties EUR 270 (including 1 travelling)

15/ Measurement of Built and Light Area of Properties EUR 280 (including 1 travelling)

16/ Provision of Estreats of Notary Deeds EUR 285 (1 travelling and the fee of the Property Register are included)

17/ Advertising of Properties for Sale EUR 155

18/ Preparation of Invitation-Declarations EUR 305 (the Notary fee is included)

19/ Registration of Foreign Citizens in Department “Migration” – Мinistry of Internal Affairs EUR 340 (1 travelling and the fee of Department “Migration” are included)

20/ Prosecution – according to the Bulgarian Tariff â„– 01/09.07.2004 for Minimal Amounts of Lawyers’ Remunerations but not less than EUR 585 (including 1 travelling)

23/ Additional Travelling out of Sofia EUR 105

Please note that we are able to provide a service within 24 hours for a double fee.

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