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Acquisition of Land

If you own an apartment in Bulgaria and the ideal parts of the building right upon the land
plot, it is high time you acquired the ideal parts of the ownership right of the land plot itself.
In principle, there is a prohibition for citizens of the EU to acquire Bulgarian land until 2012,
and for other foreign citizens until 2014, but some Bulgarian Notaries quote the Bulgarian
Property Law, according to Art. 38 of which the ideal parts of the land plot, on which a
building is already built, are considered part of the common parts, because such land plot can
not fulfill its appropriation as land any more. On this ground a foreign individual can acquire
the ideal parts of the land plot, corresponding to the apartment, owned by them. Usually the
company, which has sold the apartment, is the owner of the land plot and would transfer
the ideal parts of the land plot without additional payment from the buyer, as their price is
included in the price of the apartment anyway. If you would like to acquire the ideal parts of
the land plot, on which your apartment is built, and you have the agreement of the owner of
the land plot, our company’s fee for preparation of the relevant documents and representation
at the Notary transfer is € 265 (not including the Notary fees, the state fees and the tax for
transferring of ownership, which depend on the tax valuation of the land plot). If a travelling
out of Sofia is needed, this would cost you additional € relies on individuals being able to communicate clearly with one another. We are really concerned with how successfully our clients communicate with one another. Personal residences must be actively advertised. We can make better decisions if we research the market and set prices. The status of transactions will be updated on a regular basis. Please include any thoughts or topics you’d want to discuss for a more personalized visit. Visit

Property Check-up

If you would like to check the status of your property in Bulgaria, we perform the
service “Property Check-up” for a fee of € 95. We check in the Property Register the status
of the certain property and report you the results. This information would allow you to check
whether there are any encumbrances upon your property, for which you do not know, for
example: a mortgage for a loan, which is already repaid, interdiction, imposed by the tax
authorities for unpaid tax obligations, or any other rights of third persons.

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