Accounting Services

1/ Provision of Accounting Advice
We advise both individuals and legal entities on all accounting matters, which might be of interest.

2/ Complete Accounting Service
This service includes everything, which a company needs for its book-keeping, such as processing of sale and purchase invoices, filling of payment documents, monitoring of the turnover under VAT, submission of declarations under the VAT Law, representation at tax authorities, preparation and payment of monthly insurances, calculation of salaries, etc.

3/ Registration of Companies under the Law of Value Added Tax – Optional Registration and Mandatory Registration
We provide advice on whether you are obliged to register your company under VAT. If such obligation does not exist, we inform you of the pros and cons of the optional registration.

4/ Preparation and Submission of Annual Financial Statements and Income-Tax Forms in the National Revenue Agency and in the Registry Agency
We prepare the financial statements of your company and the other needed documents, and we send them to you for signing. When you return to us the signed documents, we submit them to the National Revenue Agency and publish them in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency.

5/ Preparation of Medial Financial Statements
You may need medial financial statements in cases when an institution or a potential contractor requires such in order to review the financial condition of your company for a certain period of time.

6/ Provision of Certificate from the Natinoal Revenue Agency, Certificate from the National Social Security Institute and Certificate for good standing and all other kinds of documents

7/ Issuance of Invoices on Behalf of Clients
In case our clients require assistance only in issuing of invoices, we perform this service separately.

8/ Audit

9/ Support in Case of Inspection of Institutions
We provide support when your office is visited by a state employee of a tax authority, by giving the required explanations and fulfilling the necessary instructions, given by the state employee of the inspecting institution.

10/ Tax Audits

11/ Preparation and Submission of Income-Tax Forms for Individuals, Calculation and Payment of the Obligations
If you are not sure whether you are obliged to pay income tax, we advise you for free. If such obligation exists for you, we submit the annual income-tax form, calculate and pay the tax on behalf of you.

12/ Check-ups

If you want to know whether a Bulgarian company owes above BGN 5,000 to the National Revenue Agency or is considered “Wanted” by the National Revenue Agency – we can check for you.

0/ Annual Subscriptions
We offer attractive annual subscription plans for companies or individuals.

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