Our Top Services

Оfficial Translation and Legalization of Documents

In April 2013 оur firm concluded a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is now authorized to provide official translation and legalization of documents. The service will be offered at very low fees but only to loyal clients of the company. By providing a wide range of services in one place we hope to decrease the number of difficulties, related to making business in Bulgaria.

Provision of Free Services to StartUps

In May 2012 оur firm started a campaign of helping StartUps in their first steps in business. We prepare the necessary documents and file the application for registering a company for free. The only requirement is the future entrepreneur to choose our book-keeping services and to conclude a contract with us for a period of at least 6 months.

Intermediation in Resolving of Disputes

Vankova & Partners Real and Intellectual Property Ltd always focuses on finding a way out of a situation so that the interests of the clients are protected in the best way. One of our means is the service called Intermediation in Resolving of Disputes – a form of alternative dispute resolution, aiming to find an acceptable solution for the parties and to help them reach an agreement on the problematic issue, avoiding something imposed by a court or another authority. We use appropriate techniques and skills to open a discussion and then monitor the process in order to gain a successful outcome. Negotiation is used in a variety of disputes, such as commercial, legal, diplomatic, etc. and becomes a very common means of providing solutions of conflicts, as it promotes freedom of choice for the parties.

Our company follows this tendency and always offers negotiating in the first place rather than initiating a long and expensive court battle.

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