Company Re-registration Bulgaria

If your Bulgarian limited liability company is registered before 01.01.2008 at a district
court, you are obliged to register it again according to the procedure as per the Law of the
Commercial Register. The companies, registered before 01.01.2008 at district courts, must be re-registered until 31.12.2011. The re-registration includes entering the company’s name and its basic details in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency. After 31.12.2011 the district courts, at which the companies have been registered before 01.01.2008, will issue certificates for the non re-registered companies and will send them to the Registry Agency, which will cease their trading, appoint a liquidator, determine the liquidator’s remuneration and a term for the liquidation process. All costs in relation to the liquidation process will be at the expense of the company. The members of the managing body will be responsible unlimitedly for the obligations of the company in relation to the liquidation process. If you would like to re-register your Bulgarian company, we perform the service “Re-registration of a Company” for a fee of € 375. If you do not intend to continue trading with your Bulgarian company and thus you prefer to close it, we offer the service “Liquidation of a Company” for a fee of € 575. The fee includes preparation of the needed documentation, preparation of Liquidation financial statements by an accountant, provision of Certificate from the Natinoal Revenue Agency, Certificate from the National Social Security Institute and Certificate for good standing. The fees of the Registry Agency are also included.