5 SQL Certifications for Your Data Career in 2024

By laying out their pros and cons, we hope to guide potential learners towards a course that best aligns with their individual needs, career goals, and learning style. In determining the aptest course, we will consider factors such as depth of course content, flexibility, modes of learning, price, and job support, among others. Proficiency in Microsoft SQL can open vast opportunities in the IT industry. With countless organizations, large and small, employing SQL Server in their infrastructure, the demand for knowledgeable professionals is high. A comprehensive training course can provide you with insights into SQL theory, hands-on practice, and—importantly—certifications that can assist in advancing your career. Strong SQL knowledge is key to designing, developing, and maintaining relational databases of gigantic sizes.

  • In my 2-day SQL Critical Care®, I quickly assess your application’s performance, determine the root cause of the slowdowns, and then get everyone on the same page for permanent pain relief.
  • But the skills that you learn are easily transferrable to Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server.
  • It is a must-have skill that is going to serve you longer than any other programming language.
  • This SQL certification course gives you all of the information you need to successfully start working with SQL databases and make use of the database in your applications.
  • This platform has a series of SQL classes and lectures that can help you gain fundamental knowledge of SQL, SQL Server and Oracle.
  • However, if you want greater interactivity, career support, mentoring, or to develop your wider data analytics skills, maybe opt for a longer course like CareerFoundry’s Data Immersion Program.
  • Finally you will restore a database, create an index, create a view and connect to a database from the command line.

Most of the listed certifications are for basic and intermediate-level developers, covering most of the SQL skills you will need for most practical purposes. This advanced SQL course for data scientists teaches both basic and advanced aspects of SQL filtering and data manipulation. The course is designed to focus on SQL’s demands for data scientists and covers SQL’s essentials from a data scientist’s perspective. This Codecademy SQL course is useful for everyone, whether you’re a marketer or analyst.

Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification

It imparts the basic data-working skills needed to find and use insights drawn from large datasets. Teradata is a leading data analytics platform offering premier certifications for IT professionals. Successful how to become a sql dba developer completion of the exam establishes that you possess the skills and knowledge of a Vantage Administrator relevant to monitoring, performance and database management, user administration, and more.

  • It is designed for database administrators who are responsible for the installation, configuration, maintenance, and performance of DB2 10.1 databases.
  • It shows commitment, dedication, the willingness to learn, the drive to stay at the forefront of innovation, and sometimes this demonstrates more to people than what the actual certification stands for.
  • If you would like to learn in a short span of time, this course is a good choice.
  • The cost of the exam varies depending on location but typically ranges from $295-$400 USD.

Before deciding on which certification program to take, use our list to assess which certifications fit your career goals, consult other database professionals, or sign up for free courses to gauge your knowledge. Deciding to pursue a database certification depends on your industry demand, your long-term career goals, resources, and motivation. Before spending time and money on a certification program, conduct your own research, talk to professionals in your field, and assess the pros and cons of signing up for a course or examination. Your certification’s learning path should match your own learning style and the time you’re willing to spend preparing for exams.

Is SQL hard to learn??

Ultimately, whether or not an SQL Server DBA certificate is necessary for you depends on your own individual situation and goals. Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH) is a certification program offered by Cloudera, Inc. It is designed to validate an individual’s skills and knowledge in administering Apache Hadoop clusters. The certification is based on the official Apache Hadoop Distribution from Cloudera. It usually takes between six months and one year to complete the requirements for the OCP certification, depending on the candidate’s experience level and study habits. To get certified, candidates must first register with Oracle University and then take a training course from an authorized Oracle instructor.

  • SQL Server Backup is a crucial process that involves creating copies of the database and transaction log files, safeguarding data against loss and enabling recovery in case of system failure or data corruption.
  • CompTIA Database+ certification is an industry-recognized credential that validates the knowledge and skills of database professionals.
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Database Administration is a certification program that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage large-scale database systems.

SQL DBA School equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your career goals in database administration. Through expert-led courses and hands-on experience, you’ll be empowered to realize your ambitions in the SQL domain. A lot of emphasis is placed on practical and hands-on learning with 4 projects included that the learners work on during the course of the program. SQL works with most of the popular relational database management systems like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and more. It is a must-have skill that is going to serve you longer than any other programming language.

What is SQL and why should I learn it?

It also includes quite comprehensive assessments tests to gauze learners’ comprehension of the material. We’ve compiled below a list of best SQL courses, classes, training and certification programs that you can take online. These SQL online courses are available for all skill levels and budgets. Some will teach you SQL from ground up, others are for more advanced users.

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