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You can create highly visual, engaging courses and quizzes – quickly and easily. Assign courses to the relevant employee groups so users can only see the courses that are relevant to them. Also integrate social features like gamification to motivate learning progression. Schedule forms daily, weekly, monthly or adhoc to remind stores to submit responses when they are due. Storiqa has an involved community of 67,000 members that chose the merchandise design, and as a result three t-shirts were produced in limited series, with the price of STQ.

With a platform that works on any device, stores can access their VM guidelines on the shop floor, take photos and upload them directly to Cegid Retail Store Excellence to be reviewed centrally. Visual merchandising and head office teams can add tasks directly to photos, so feedback and follow up is clear, fast and easy. Make sure your stores never miss a task again with task management for retail operations.

STQ Exchanges

The price of Storiqa in the ICO was $?0.007 and the token sale ended on Jan 29, 2018. Since then, STQ price decreased 0.00x against US Dollar, decreased 0.00x against Ethereum and decreased 0.00x against Bitcoin. A unified sales platform dedicated to retail activities, for an exceptional shopping experience – maximum agility, anywhere in the world. Retail Activity Planner gives tools for labour budgeting you can plan and assign annual labour budgets by department or activity. In-built reporting makes it easy to track actual labour hours vs budget – giving you the insight you need to react to variances and manage to budget.

  • ICO Drops receives a fee for advertising certain token sales, in which case such listing will be designated accordingly.
  • Storiqa utilizes keen contracts and empowers installments through different digital forms of money.
  • Storiqa coin, just a like a good number of cryptocurrencies has a cap on the total number of coins that will ever be in circulation.
  • And because it’s intuitive to use and presented clearly, you and your store teams will save a lot of time.

In addition, the user’s demand from different countries of the world will also grow the number of exchange market from where the tokens will be easily purchased or sold in the future. Storiqa is planning to help businesses streamline their sales processes for the new digital economy with cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. The blockchain powered platform comes with functions that allow vendors to monitor their customer’s activity in a bid to come up with ways to optimize online stores in an effort to meet customer needs. Storiqa provides sellers and merchants an easy way to set up online stores in under 60 minutes and be able to start trading immediately.

Protect your retail business from Cyberattacks

Labour can be added to communications, assigned to a department and tracked against their overall budget. This means you can always have the right staff for the right activity. It’s hard to engage teams remotely, particularly when it comes to product and brand. Keep teams up to date with a suite of tools including video channels and newsfeed, to make sure your teams are up to date on the latest initiatives from head office.

About Storiqa

The platform lets you send the right information to the right store, at the right time; and it’s quick and easy. From company news to urgent actions, it handles all communications and presents them to stores in a smart and considered way. Stores can easily find what they need, when they need it – rather than searching an intranet or asking you to clarify. The need to pay necessary fees and bonuses to those agents who pay with STQ will increase the demand for these tokens. On one hand, it has a positive influence on the market value of the token and at the same time, it will give STQ first purchasers an excellent opportunity to leave the project. As the sellers of the token will be the first purchasers, hence the rise in demand of STQ will have a positive influence on market quotes.

STQ Price

However, the two exchanges have not added support for Storiqa, which means it won’t be possible to buy Storiqa directly. That said, you will have to buy Ether tokens which are to be exchanged for Storiqa. The sales of the token ticker or Storiqa ICO was in form of STQ and it had started from 28th of November 2017 and ended at 13th of February 2018.

The CoinCodex Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Gain a transformational level of visibility with market leading tools for visual merchandidng execution and brand compliance. Easily communicate Visual Merchandising updates to stores and engage store teams with brand presentation, so you can be sure your stores are perfect, faster. Gives store teams the power to create their own tasks, for colleagues or themselves. If something is broken in store or they need help, they can ask for support from central operations or a head office team, and they can track what’s been done. It’s never been more important to be sure stores are compliant with polices and standards to keep teams and customers safe.

Shopping 2.0: Crypto Shopping – Storiqa Features

In less than 60 minutes, a merchant using Storiqa can have their store launched, and immediately trading. This is achieved through the use of highly efficient blockchain technologies and their simple intuitive store builder. Through this, anyone, anywhere can launch their new venture without the need for technical knowledge or steep financial barriers, providing new opportunity for everyone, everywhere. Storiqa coin, just a like a good number of cryptocurrencies has a cap on the total number of coins that will ever be in circulation.

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