How to Emphasize Remote Work Skills on Your Resume

We’ll send you the latest content, career tips, and remote jobs every Tuesday. There are at least seven corporate co-working spaces in the city, a number that has grown from just one since 2020 and is continuing to grow, says Rollins. Both the city and Tulsa Remote specifically have been making investments to increase the quality of remote working from Tulsa, in an effort to infuse the city with more fresh talent, she says. A big portion of that has been going toward building a sense of community among remote workers, in an effort to combat loneliness, a notorious side effect of remote work. However, there is a growing need for remote workers, and you should take advantage of that by clarifying your desire or openness to working off-site or from home. You can also target companies and job boards that focus on remote opportunities.

Although many CEOs are pushing for employees to return to offices, trends are showing that remote work is here to stay. More than half of employees would look for a new job if their current company wouldn’t allow them to work remotely. And almost all employees (98%) expressed a desire to work remotely at least part of the time.

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Over 50% of all employees now work remotely at least part-time, and that number isn’t set to decrease any time soon. I asked 2,000 remote workers to share their perspective on remote work. A neat, well-designed resume will keep the hiring manager reading the document whereas a cluttered one is likely to be put aside. Use distinctive section headers, add colors sparingly, and consider using graphics or charts if you want to show off some accomplishments. Yes, it’s increasingly common for job listings to show that they’re open to remote but some companies still list a location and note that remote work is supported. In other situations, companies may not mention remote work at all but are still open to it if you’re an excellent candidate.

The senior dev sat right near me—I could walk over and tap him on the shoulder, but what if he was in the middle of something? I imagined the frustration he might feel, watching his mental house-of-cards collapse as his focus evaporated, all because some sheepish junior dev doesn’t understand source control. People assume that it’s harder to stay in touch with people when you don’t work out of the same space, but I’d argue it’s the opposite. Tools like Slack let you instantly fire off a message, without worrying if you’re interrupting someone deep in concentration. When I worked in-office, I was always hesitant to walk over to someone hard at work.

? Best Remote Work Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

Pollak said she expects to see more companies invest in remote-work-enabling technology this year. Think state-of-the-art rooms built for Zoom meetings, with privacy glass that hides the screen from passersby. “The fact is that good remote-work policies leave enough flexibility for there to be some form of performance-based adaptation,” she said.

If you don’t have clearly defined expectations for your employees, you can’t anticipate they will meet your desired goals. This should entail everything from responsibilities and deadlines to defined work hours, preferred communication methods (and frequency of communication) and department goals. Applying for jobs is all about having an advantage over rival job seekers. By tailoring your resume to meet the remote work market, you can give yourself an edge over the competition. Don’t simply list the skills above and call it a day – you need to have examples and metrics of how you use soft skills to provide value. You should make that clear in your resume, as well as in your application and cover letter.

Set the ground rules.

It’s all about connecting the dots for the employer and helping them see how your current skill set is the right skill set for their remote role. In today’s remote work environment, showcasing your experience in successfully working remotely is essential. Highlighting your remote work experience in your resume will demonstrate your ability to thrive in remote work and effectively collaborate with others from a distance.

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