How to Improve Virtual Board Communication

The flu epidemic has forced nonprofit boards to make difficult choices and engage the community at a distance. This means that effective communication via the internet is more crucial than ever. There are a few easy ways to enhance remote meetings.

Be sure that everyone is informed of the agenda and any pertinent documents in advance. This will allow participants to plan effectively and participate in discussions which will result in productive results.

Make use of video conferencing software that offers excellent audio and video quality, and a feature that allows you to record meetings. It should also be easy to share the link to anyone who was unable to attend or wants to review the meeting materials later.

Encourage participants to speak clearly in their video camera. This will make your discussion more personal and make it easier for everyone to keep the track of who’s speaking. It’s a great idea have the chair of the meeting go around and ask everyone for their input. If you prefer, the attendees can raise their hands and wait for their names to be asked.

Avoid using sarcasm and expletives in a virtual setting. They are easily misinterpreted and can cause confusion or anger.

Select a board-management solution that offers a variety of tools that can be used to conduct efficient remote meetings. They include an agenda maker and video integration. It should have 24/7 support for any issues that may arise.

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