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Autoroute 20 parallels the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, linking Quebec City with Montreal and Toronto to the west and Rivière-du-Loup, Rimouski, and the Maritime Provinces to the east. Autoroute 73 provides a north–south link through the metropolitan area, linking it with Saint-Georges, the Beauce region, and Maine to the south and Saguenay and the Lac-Saint-Jean region to the north. Until 2002, Quebec was a mostly urbanized city and its territory coterminous with today’s borough of La Cité-Limoilou. The Government of Quebec then mandated a municipal reorganization in the province, and many suburbs of the north shore of the Saint-Lawrence were merged into Quebec City, taking the form of boroughs, thus constituting the boundary of present-day Québec City. In 2008 the city celebrated its 400th anniversary and was gifted funds for festivities and construction projects by provincial and federal governments, as well as public artwork by various entities, including foreign countries. A number of governmental and non-government organizations support cultural activity in Quebec.

  1. The Prix du Québec is an award given by the government to confer the highest distinction and honour to individuals demonstrating exceptional achievement in their respective cultural field.
  2. Quebec City was built on the north bank of the Saint Lawrence River, where it narrows and meets the mouth of the Saint-Charles River.
  3. They took place in the buildings of the Citadelle and at the nearby Château Frontenac.
  4. Quebec is well known for producing maple syrup, for its comedy, and for making hockey one of the most popular sports in Canada.

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However, the loss of the French vessels sent to resupply New France after the fall of Quebec City during the Battle of Restigouche marked the end of France’s efforts to try to retake the colony. Governor Pierre de Rigaud, marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnial signed the Articles of Capitulation of Montreal on September 8, 1760. Trois-Rivières was founded at Samuel de Champlain’s request in 1634.[33] Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve founded Ville-Marie (now Montreal) in 1642. Here at, they offer BTC, ETH, and LTC transactions to users that have verified their account properly. Since we do not have a verified account on the website, we are unable to show you guys a preview of what their exchange platform looks like. For our readers that have a fully-verified account with, please do let us know your experience with using their services.


The Carillon Sacré-Coeur and French merchant flag went on to be the major inspirations for creating Quebec’s current flag in 1903, called the Fleurdelisé. The Fleurdelisé replaced the Union Jack on Quebec’s Parliament Building on January 21, 1948. Quebec is the world’s biggest maple syrup producer.[335] The province has a long history of producing maple syrup, and creating new maple-derived products. Other major food products include beer, wine (including ice wine and ice cider), and cheese.


At that time James Bay, Hudson Bay, and the Ungava region belonged to the British Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1898 Quebec’s boundary was extended north to the Eastmain River and east to Labrador. Quebec’s present-day boundaries were determined in 1927, when the British Privy Council granted Labrador to Newfoundland (now the province of Newfoundland and Labrador). Today the province of Quebec’s French-speaking political leaders continue to dispute this decision but honour the 1927 boundary. Quebec’s topography is very different from one region to another due to the varying composition of the ground, the climate, and the proximity to water.

A small town square nearby, the Place Royale, now surrounded by picturesque stone buildings, is the site of Champlain’s founding of the city in 1608. Much of the city’s notable traditional architecture is located in Vieux-Québec (Old Quebec), within and below the fortifications. This area has a distinct European feel with its stone buildings and winding streets lined with shops and restaurants. Porte Saint-Louis and Porte Saint-Jean are the main gates through the walls from the modern section of downtown; the Kent Gate was a gift to the province from Queen Victoria and the foundation stone was laid by the Queen’s daughter, Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne, on 11 June 1879.[74] West of the walls are the Parliament Hill area, and to the south the Plains of Abraham. Parc Aquarium du Québec, which reopened in 2002 on a site overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, features more than 10,000 specimens of mammals, reptiles, fish and other aquatic fauna of North America and the Arctic. Polar bears and various species of seals of the Arctic sector and the “Large Ocean”, a large basin offering visitors a view from underneath, make up part of the aquarium’s main attractions.

The Court of Quebec is the main criminal trial court, and also a court for small civil claims. The Superior Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction, in both criminal and civil matters. Finally, if the case is of great importance, it may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada. Quebec has a historied relationship with France, as Quebec was a part of the French Empire and both regions share a language. The Fédération France-Québec [fr] and the Francophonie are a few of the tools used for relations between Quebec and France. In Paris, a place du Québec was inaugurated in 1980.[180] Quebec also has a historied relationship with the United Kingdom, having been a part of the British Empire.

Quebec has one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water,[124] occupying 12% of its surface[125] and representing 3% of the world’s renewable fresh water.[126] More than half a million lakes and 4,500 rivers[124] empty into the Atlantic Ocean, through the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Arctic Ocean, by James, Hudson, and Ungava bays. The largest inland body of water is the Caniapiscau Reservoir; Lake Mistassini is the largest natural lake.[127] The Saint Lawrence River has some of the world’s largest sustaining inland Atlantic ports. Since 1959, the Saint Lawrence Seaway has provided a navigable link between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes any form of Palestinian sovereignty in post-war Gaza, his office said Saturday, appearing to rebuff U.S. President Joe Biden’s suggestion that creative solutions could bridge wide gaps between the two leaders’ views on Palestinian statehood.

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The government also warns people who are thinking of moving to Quebec permanently that their “knowledge of French will be taken into account in the selection process” and their French-language proficiency will be required for some immigration programs for those wishing to transition from temporary to permanent status. Our service and maintenance team is highly skilled and experienced in dealing with all types of electrical systems. We provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure that your electrical systems are working efficiently and safely.

More than a third of city residents reported being capable of speaking both French and English. During winter, snow generally stays on the ground from the end of November till mid-April. In 1867, Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as the definite capital of the Dominion of Canada, while Quebec City was confirmed as the capital of the newly created province of Quebec. The first members of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society created the Carillon Sacré-Coeur flag, which consisted of a white cross on an azure background with white fleur-de-lis in each corner and a Sacred Heart surrounded by maple leaves in the centre; it was based on the French merchant flag flown by Champlain and the Flag of Carillon.

We can help you maintain and repair any existing electrical systems, as well as install new ones. Our team is always on hand to provide you with the best service and support possible. Three school boards, including Commission scolaire de la Capitale, operate secular francophone schools, and Central Quebec School Board operates the few existing anglophone ones.

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The province’s major metropolis, Montreal (Montréal), encompassing Montreal Island, Jesus Island to the north, and several communities on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, is the second largest city in Canada. Quebec is bounded to the north by Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay, to the east by the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, to the southeast by the Gulf of St. Lawrence, New Brunswick, and the U.S. state of Maine, to the south by the U.S. states of New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, and to the west by Ontario, James Bay, and Hudson Bay. The Cinémathèque québécoise has a mandate to promote the film and television heritage of Quebec. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB), a federal Crown corporation, provides for the same mission in Canada. The Film Festival of the 3 Americas, the Festival of International Short Film, the World Film Festival and the Festival of New Cinema are other annual events surrounding the film industry in Quebec. The boundaries of Quebec were altered many times following the establishment of New France in the early 17th century, when the French colonial empire in North America spread all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and west of the Mississippi River.

The First Quebec Conference was held in 1943 with Franklin D. Roosevelt (President of the United States), Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister of Canada) and T. The Second Quebec Conference was held in 1944 and was attended by Churchill and Roosevelt. They took place in the buildings of the Citadelle and at the nearby Château Frontenac. Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer and diplomat, on 3 July 1608,[26][27] and at the site of a long abandoned St. Lawrence Iroquoian settlement called Stadacona. Champlain, who came to be called “The Father of New France”, served as its administrator for the rest of his life. The Algonquian people had originally named the area Kébec, an Algonquin[note 1] word meaning “where the river narrows”, because the Saint Lawrence River narrows proximate to the promontory of Quebec and its Cape Diamant.

Until 1998 Commission des écoles catholiques de Québec operated public Catholic schools of all languages. The station is the eastern terminus of the railway’s main Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. An inter-city bus station, with connections to the provincial long-distance bus network, is adjacent to the train station, quebex and is used by operators such as Orleans Express and Intercar. Along with concrete high-rises such as Édifice Marie-Guyart and Le Concorde on parliament hill (see List of tallest buildings in Quebec City), the city’s skyline is dominated by the massive Château Frontenac hotel, perched on top of Cap-Diamant.

At the end of French rule, Quebec was a town of 8,000 inhabitants, surrounded by forests, villages, fields and pastures. The town was distinguished by its monumental architecture, fortifications, and affluent homes of masonry and shacks in the suburbs of Saint-Jean and Saint-Roch. Despite its urbanity and its status as capital, Quebec remained a small city with close ties to its rural surroundings.

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