Real Estate Services

1/ Representation at Property Acquisitions/ Sales 

If you intend to sell or purchase a property in Bulgaria, the process usually consists of two stages.

Stage 1 – Preliminary contract

We provide advice on the preliminary contract, offered by the other party and perform the negotiation process in order to gain better conditions for you.

Stage 2 – Conveyancing

If the negotiations with the selling/ purchasing party are successful and a preliminary contract is signed, we offer representation at the Notary transfer of ownership, preparing the relevant documentation and performing the needed check-up of the property. 

2/ Representation at Property Acquisitions/ Sales with Mortgage 

When you purchase or sell a property with mortgage, there are additional documents, which must be signed in front of the relevant bank and the Notary. We take care of all these additional requirements. 

3/ Representation at Property Acquisitions/ Sales for Properties with Price up to EUR 5,000 

We have a special decreased fee for this service. 

4/ Representation at Acquisition of Ideal Parts of Ownership Rights upon Land Plots

We prepare the necessary documentation and perform the required representation at the Notary transfer of ownership. 

5/ Submission of Notary Notifications 

We prepare and submit Notary Notifications on behalf of clients. This service is often used from contractors, who would like to cancel their signed contracts. 

6/ Legal Advice on Contracts 

We prepare legal opinions for the questions of your interest. Each legal opinion is watched and prepared by at least two lawyers. 

7/ Preparation of Contracts or Annexes to Contracts 

8/ Check up of Properties 

If you would like to check the status of your property in Bulgaria, we check this in the Property Register and report you the results. 

9/ BULSTAT Registrations 

Foreign individuals are obliged to apply for BULSTAT registration in 7 days term from acquiring immovable property in Bulgaria (art. 3, para 1, point 10, letter b of the Law for Register BULSTAT). In result the BULSTAT Register issues a number, which serves for a personal identity number in Bulgaria. 

10/ Due Diligence 

We perform investigation of legal entities or individuals, which is usually required prior to signing a contract or performing a legal action. The relevant areas of concern may include the financial, legal, labor or tax condition, as well as the available intellectual property and real estates of the investigated company or individual. 

11/ Document Legislation  

12/ Snagging of Properties 

We make an inspection of your chosen Bulgarian property and provide a detailed snagging report and photos. 

13/ Valuation of Properties 

We provide valuation of your Bulgarian property, prepared by a licensed valuer. 

14/ Measurement of Built and Light area of Properties 

If you have doubts whether your property’s measures correspond to these, inserted in the documents, we appoint an engineer to do the measuring for you and report you the results. 

15/ Provision of Estreats of Notary Deeds 

If you have lost the Notary Deed for your Bulgarian property, we provide the relevant estreat, which serves as a legal proof that you own the property. 

16/ Advertising of Properties for Sale 

If you would like to find a buyer for your Bulgarian property, see more here, we offer the following package:

a/ advertising your property on 5 highly ranked international websites;

b/ advertising your property on our website. 

17/ Division of Inheritance 

We apply for the necessary documents for determining the rightful inheritors of a legator and perform negotiations with the inheritors in case of disputes. Then we apply for the needed documents for concluding an agreement between the inheritors for division of the inheritance, prepare it and arrange its signing. 

18/ Preparation of Wills for Bulgarian Estate and Storage 

We prepare wills in accordance with the Bulgarian Law in order to decrease the possible difficulties for the potential inheritors.

19/ Preparation of Invitation-Declarations

In case you would like to invite a foreign individual in Bulgaria, we prepare the Invitation-Declaration on and assist with the needed certifications from a Notary and from the Migration Department. 

20/ Registration of Foreign Citizens in Department “Migration” – Мinistry of Internal Affairs 

21/ Prosecution 

We offer court representation in relation to Property Law disputes. 

22/ Travelling out of Sofia

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